February 6, 2010

Tips & Tricks How To Write an Article in English Language

To bring visitors or traffic through search engines, one of the ways suggested by the Professional Internet Marketer is to create unique articles with keywords that we shoot. For beginners like us are just learning internet marketing, let alone not have good writing skills, of course, write an article (let alone be in English) is a unique mission impossible.

Far from writing articles in English that contain 300 words or more, write articles in the Indonesian language course difficult half-life .... It's not that my friends? Not to mention our English language skills that fit-fit-an.

But, now we are just learning the internet marketing should not be afraid or insecure if you want to write articles in English. Here are tips and tricks how to write articles in English are unique with easy and quick way:


1. Determine who will be writing the theme we make. Note the keyword or keywords that we targeted.
2. Find articles that have common themes with themes that have been determined. Say we were to write about: "How to Drive Safely", then we can find a comparison article 5 of the same theme of his writings. Copy, paste, and save it for a while as a reference.
3. Also use search engines such as google to get at least 5 similar articles and in accordance with the theme. We can also look at EzineArticles.com. There we can get hundreds of thousands of unique articles and was collected by categories, such as: Finane, Health, Games, Automotive, and others.

Then we can start writing articles by:

1. Create first article in the Indonesian language, and use Google Translate to translate into English. Oh yes, it must be remembered that the results of Google Translate translation is not always true and correct. We must continue to consider grammar and meaning of each word of the translation. But with Google Translate, at least be able to accelerate the process of writing the article speak english.

Or we can use the way:

1. Once we get the English-language articles that have been copied and stored for comparison, then rewrite the sentence as a sentence in accordance with the understanding and our own style. Combine the sentences that we rewrite it to become an English-language articles of 300 words or more.
2. In rewriting the English-language articles, we should focus on the meaning or understanding of a sentence as a whole, not the meaning of each word. If we interpret the word for word, usually still be confused and become chaotic sentence meaning.


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