December 13, 2009

English For Junior School

For international students attending junior English school
is a must, especially for younger children. Moving is difficult for any child. A move is made even more traumatic for the child if they do not understand the language of their new country. The ultimate goal of junior English school is to teach children age 3-11 to be fluent in English while receiving an outstanding education filling all the educational requirements of their homeland and their adopted land.

The youngest children attending junior school, those aged 3-6 are enrolled in a foundation program where the children are prepared for full curriculum enrollment. The 3-6 year olds are allowed plenty of play time, rest and time to socialize. They are taught the basic elements of the English language and encouraged to use it at all times, even at home. Children commonly adapt to new languages very easily at this age and often respond to instruction by learning their new language quite quickly.

For those children in the age 7-11 group, junior school enables the student to gradually move to the level of their age group. In this age group students are expected to acquire proficiency in everyday and academic English. They are encouraged to practice their new language at all times. They study basic subjects including reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. In addition they study mathematics, art, science, humanities and physical education.

Summer school is available June, July and August for 23 hours per week. Learning English through fun activities is the prime focus of summer school. Comprehension of the English language is reinforced by weekly projects and academic excursions. In the afternoon sports encourage coordination and physical fitness.

During summer session children age 5 and over are treated to an academic excursion in London weekly with the purpose of using London as a classroom. The children attend galleries, historical sites and museums. They research the week's excursion, take notes while on excursion and have a follow up session afterward. Every two weeks the 3-4 year olds are taken on excursion. Parents are invited to picnics in the park on the alternate weeks.

For junior English school children aged 3-11, accommodations can be arranged as long as one parent stays with the child in the homestay. Homestay accommodations are arranged by accommodation agencies that carefully select and inspect the arrangement. The cost includes 7 nights accommodation including all breakfasts and dinners; the school provides lunch for the pupil. Homestay students and parents are provided with 24 hour emergency information so that a staff member can be reached in the event of any difficulty; medical assistance is available 24 hours a day.

Junior English school students are under constant supervision to ensure that they are not only safe, but that they are gleaning the optimal benefits from their junior school curriculum. Class size is limited to 18 students so that teachers are in very close contact with each student. Lunch is provided to all students daily. Minibus door-to door pick up and delivery service is available upon request; refer to map for locations where this service is available.

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