December 23, 2009

Learn to Speak English Fluently

From a student point of view, the problem with England is that it is too rich in constructions and vocabulary, ie: There are lots of words and constructions that have similar meanings. An error occurred when students remember half of one construction and half from the other, they end up with a hotch-potch at best "one, but understandable" and at worst "nonsense".

1.Choosing English for Use or Recognition purpose only
The English do not use every phrase and word in the English language. They have a favorite phrase they use time and time again. I recommend that when you teach more than one way to say the same thing, choose only one version to learn accurately for future use. Then other store (s) vaguely in your mind for future purposes only recognition.

2. Trap to Avoid
Native English speakers modify their language according to their situation, as you would do in your own language. Unless you have constant exposure to English over the years, you can not hope to do this. The trick therefore is to choose the best English-language universal purposes and to identify other versions of the English language, so you're not at a disadvantage. Thus, you will avoid misunderstandings and you will be able to assess the quality of the English people.

Although the following knowledge is essential to understand the English language (and perhaps for some exams), I suggest you avoid them as much as possible when speaking in normal situations: --

Idioms, Phrasal word, Slang (which can sound insolent when used at the wrong time)

3.Avoiding grammatical errors when speaking
Many students who have difficulty with the use of the present perfect, because the use is not in accordance with similar looking tense in their own language. If it helps you, it is possible to avoid at all perfect now using: --


for example: I have been to Tunisia. (Time unknown)

I went to Tunisia some time ago. (Exact time unknown)

I have just finished their homework. (Recent, but time is unknown)

I finished my homework a few moments ago (the latest, but the exact time unknown)

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