February 19, 2010

13 Easily Ways Tips to Learn English from Learning English Tips

13 easily ways learn englishEnglish has become their daily needs. But not a few who feel learning English is difficult. Well, based on personal experience, I have to say the following tips on how to learn English are cheap, colorful, and certainly easier:)

o Force yourself to be. Sense of doubt, fear, and there are lazy. Opponent's and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Expertise not found it alone, but through a process. Afraid of, is afraid of the process, means afraid to be.
o Read the book / story of children. For beginners I recommend to read children's stories. Why? Children's story books in English that is easily understood. If we have the book easy to understand children's story, it was relatively easy for others to read. If it can not be at the bookstore (because expensive for example), wrote in the Internet search. Many kok, free also.
o Go Online. Internet is a means of learning English is widespread, easy, and inexpensive. Use the search engines by entering keywords such as: "learn English online free".
o Read the news. This also helped. Can be purchased online as well as newspapers / magazines in English. But I suggest that after can understand children's story books with ease.
o Writing. Reading is the process of learning by absorbing knowledge, whereas writing is a process of learning by applying science. Make light notes. Do not be embarrassed if you look a mess. People are embarrassed to learn that behind. If you need to create a blog bebahasa English;;)
o most frequently use computer. Computers today are mostly based on English. The more often we use, we also indirectly train themselves to understand English. If necessary, open the Help menu in any application that we are open.
o Change the language settings in the Mobile into English. Mobile phones menu-language Indonesia may be more comfortable to wear. But if you want to speak English little things like this can help.
o From talking use of English. Nothing mixture using the Indonesian language. It's not trying to show off, but our brains get used to speak English.
o Change view Facebook and Webmail to English. I believe social networking and webmail has become the toy of our everyday. Well, try to change the display language into English. This also can help loh.
o Watch DVDs in English. Turn off the translation of text and learn the dialogue in the film. If confused then displays the translated text to be certain. For films not speak English, always use English subtitles.
o Main Game RPG. If you like to play games, try playing an RPG (Role playing game). This type of game using a lot of text. So to be able to understand the story line we would not want to understand the texts shown. To order his own language is usually fairly easy to understand and are in accordance with the rules of English language in general.
o Read the manuals of the goods we buy. The manual is a good media practice. When we buy goods such as mobile phones, refrigerators, televisions, etc., sempatkanlah read the manuals that speak English. If confused we can always see the manual in Indonesian language.
o Find a friend who can speak English. Invite him to talk with the English language. England need not constantly, even make clumsy normally. Just like regular chat but mixing them with the English language. There is no shame Chuinta practically like Laura. His name also learn right?


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